Reduce Booting Time of Operating System

Hey, does your Linux operating system taking too much time to boot? So, here we are, going to reduce booting time of the system.

So what happens in the boot? It starts multiple services, Those services can have numerous errors, so it takes time to try again and again to start that service until it reaches some threshold or some of the services may not be that useful.


So to find out the time utilize by each service use command systemd-analyze blame. The output of the command will is following like time service name. As there may be problems with any service you have to deal with every service differently, so the stack overflow comes in handy. Just search for that service to reduce its time and can it be disabled.


I will show some example. While installing os I have manually allocated some space but after install, I deleted that swap area and created the new one. But the system does know about swap area due to which service  dev-sda6.device
was taking more than a minute. I figured out and change the file /etc/fstab which store the drive UUID for swap, boot and root also. To find UUID use this command sudo blkid

Following data show the output of command.

8.119s NetworkManager-wait-online.service
8.043s dev-sda6.device
5.483s ModemManager.service
5.455s networking.service
5.170s grub-common.service
4.061s snapd.service
4.016s lightdm.service
3.164s plymouth-start.service
2.634s apport.service
2.515s NetworkManager.service
2.364s ondemand.service
2.334s speech-dispatcher.service

So go for it reduce booting time of your Linux operating system.

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