Install Application Without sudo ?

Sudo privileges are special power given to root user or admin of the system.

In simple words, sudo privileges give access to writing anywhere even in system files.

Many times we don’t have sudo privileges for installing some applications. 

So non-root user doesn’t have access to modify the /usr /opt /etc where the application is generally get installed. They just have read/execute permission

But they have Read-Write-Execute access to /home/username/, Where they can install anything

Step to install:

  1. Download the package. Mostly compress in tar.gz, zip
  2. Uncompress it.
  3. Now there may be two things
    1. ./configure –prefix=’/home/username/installation/directory’
    2. Makefile have a variable of the installation directory
  4. Make and build things
  5. Now edit ~/.profile PATH to


Here you specify system path for yourself. $PATH is other paths & : act as a comma.


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